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Growing Techniques I




1 Week


About the Course

This Fundamentals of Cultivation Course takes learners through the basic steps necessary to design and execute a proper, legal cannabis grow operation. It includes:

  • Necessary Elements

  • Identification and Olfactory

  • Growing Methods

  • Common Encounters & Pitfalls

  • Sourcing Materials

Over the course of 7 days (or 7 hours, whichever is preferred) you will learn how to operate a cannabis operation, it's fundamental requirements on which you can build, what to expect in the process, different ways to grow, and how to start.

The knowledge gained in this course is designed specifically for professionals in the legal marketplace, such as Brand Ambassadors, Budtenders, Salesforce, and Brand Representatives.

On site and in person options are available for a one-time setup fee of $49.99.

Your Instructor

Jack Kilgore

Jack is the founder and owner of Budtenders Ethos Cannabis Consultancy. He's a Polemologist (or War Historian) with over 20 years in the cannabis space. He is a Certified Professional Cannabis Budtender, and has served as a Brand Ambassador for some of America's largest cannabis groups like Stiiizy, Select, Phat Panda, Sauce, Stuf, Gelato, and Turn. Jack enjoys reading his Bible and serving others through a second organization he founded, Obadiahs House International Ministries. Currently, Jack resides near his family in California's Central Valley.

Jack Kilgore
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