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Growing Techniques II




1 Week


About the Course

An intermediate-level course covering the advanced techniques utilized in the best grows around the world. This class is based on the prerequisite "Growing Techniques I" and assumes this knowledge has been gained. In addition to the lessons of class I, this class will cover:

• Feeding Regimen & Nutrients

• Advanced Watering Methods

• High- and Low-Stress Training

• Topping & Bending

• Supercropp


Your Instructor

Jack Kilgore

Jack has been cultivating Cannabis for over 20 years in various capacities: Small-Scale, Commercial, Sungrown, Hydro, Aero, Experimental, and more. He has taught and mentored other growers in California like Kaligrownbudz Farms on YouTube or other business owners. Jack is passionate about cannabis cultivation because he believes it's cathartic, natural, and valuable, not just because his birthday is on 420.

Jack Kilgore
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