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​We took the collective knowledge of decades of cannabis experience and found a way to bring it to you, the Cannaisseur! Our founders come from an array of professional fields; our founder is a War Historian, Christian Preacher, and  Certified Professional Cannabis Budtender with over 20 years in cannabis. He had a vision of a free and open marketplace that would invariably need guidance from experts, and in 2023, BTE was born! We partner with small to midsized businesses looking to expand their presence, enter a new cannabis market segment, educate their staff members, or prepare a business strategy. At BTE, we take great care to listen, prepare, provide, and execute your vision; and we do so transparently and innovatively. From Cultivation to Compliance, BTE is here for you every step of the way. Our members share a common knowledge that the cannabis industry has a very bright future--and we all want to be there. ​

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